Customized Executive Compensation Advice for Community Banks

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Executive Compensation Consulting for Community Banks

Sheffield Barry provides customized executive compensation advice to community banks, using a collaborative process that leverages data and technology.  Our approach allows us to provide robust data, comprehensive insights, and effective advice at very affordable fees.  Our firm has over 35+ years of collective experience advising Compensation Committees and executive management teams of community banks on executive compensation and related governance issues.

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Executive Compensation Consulting for the Banking Industry

Sheffield Barry brings over 35 years of executive compensation consulting to the community banking industry.  We advise Boards of Directors and executive management teams for publicly-traded, privately-held and mutually-owned institutions, on all issues related to executive compensation and Compensation Committee governance.  We advise clients on competitive compensation design, peer pay benchmarking, performance measurement frameworks, goal setting and incentive payout calibration, executive stock ownership guidelines, Board of Director compensation and all other issues related to executive pay.

We leverage technology to provide automated analysis of financial and pay data to provide customized advice and client-specific solutions, typically at much lower cost than traditional compensation consulting firms.

Our team has worked with dozens of banks and credit unions over the past 5 years, including:

  • Commonwealth Business Bank
  • South State Bank
  • Coors Credit Union
  • Bank of Kentucky
  • QCR Holdings
  • KeyCorp
  • And dozens of others

Why Partner with Sheffield Barry?

Customized Insights and Advice

Our technology-enabled analyses allow us to spend more time with our clients discussing their unique business issues, where we can add value with our insights and customized recommendations.

25+ years of Executive Compensation Consulting Experience

Our analysis, insights and recommendations are based upon more than 25 years of executive compensation consulting experience, including a special focus on performance measurement, incentive design, and strategic rewards.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Our emphasis on both efficiency and effectiveness provides an optimal solution for our clients, who seek custom advice but avoid paying premium prices for commodity data and analysis.

Collaborative Consulting Process

Our collaborative approach is built around standardized processes for the most common analyses used in our consulting services.  We complete “commodity” work more efficiently for our clients, so we can spend more time collaborating on optimal customized solutions.

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