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Affordable Executive Compensation Consulting Services

Sheffield Barry has over 25 years of collective experience advising Compensation Committees and executive management teams on all issues related to executive compensation, including competitive benchmarking, incentive design (performance measures, goals, and payout calibration), executive employment contracts, board governance, severance, and everything else your shareholders expect you to address.

Although we have experience with executive compensation issues for companies of all sizes, our approach is ideal for smaller and mid-sized/middle-market companies who are looking for full-service customized support, but at more affordable costs.

How are we different?

Sheffield Barry is approaching Executive Compensation consulting in a different way.  As data continues to become commoditized, we have invested heavily in leveraging technology to automate the collection, analysis and development of insights from these data, so that we can spend more time with our clients, understanding their unique business issues and developing customized solutions to optimize human capital and maximize business results.

By standardizing our approach and automating analyses with technology, our clients avoid paying for analyst or project managers’ time.  They pay only for the consulting time and resources that add value for their business.  We strive to achieve the optimal balance of effectiveness and efficiency to maximize value for our clients.

Why Partner with Sheffield Barry?

Our team has over 25 years of HR consulting experience, with a depth of expertise in all issues related to executive compensation and support of Compensation Committees and executive management teams.

Our approach is highly collaborative.  To deliver optimal solutions, we need to understand your unique business issues, and we need our clients to understand our approach, our data and our analyses.  We have standardized our approach for the most common analyses, so that we can deliver high-quality consulting at reasonable cost: customized and effective advice, delivered efficiently.  See some of our most common approaches for executive compensation support here.

We believe consulting advice should be customized to our clients’ specific business needs and situational environment.  By automating our standard analyses, we are able to spend more time on our clients’ specific issues and customize our advice and recommendations appropriately.

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Key Executive Compensation Issues with which we support our clients:

We help clients design total reward strategies that are optimal for the executive team at their organization.  This includes pay positioning, annual incentives, long-term incentives, executive benefits and perquisites.  We help clients optimize their investment in the executive talent.

We help clients review and draft their executive compensation strategy to support key guiding principles (for example, pay for performance, simplicity, balance, etc.), but most importantly, that executive compensation programs are designed to optimally support our clients’ business strategy and key priorities.

We help companies define their market for talent and develop the appropriate comparator companies for understanding the external market pay practices.  Whether your company is in a relatively homogenous industry, or your company has many unique characteristics, we can help you craft the best group of comparator companies for external market comparisons – one that will hold up to both internal scrutiny from executives and other employees, as well as to scrutiny from external audiences such as shareholders and institutional advisors.

We help clients benchmark their executive compensation, using comparator group compensation data for executives, and compensation survey data.  Beyond just providing the data, we help clients understand how to interpret available data, and most importantly, how to understand when to deviate from typical market practices and pay levels to develop executive compensation programs that are uniquely designed to support your own business priorities.

We advise clients on the design of their annual incentive plans – to ensure it supports the business priorities and annual goals and is not more complicated than is needed.  We believe that annual incentive programs should be designed in the context of several key principles.

Long-term incentives are the most important component of executive compensation for many companies, often representing well more than 50% of executive pay for some executives.  Still, many companies just default to plain vanilla stock options, or grants of restricted stock, without understanding the benefits and risks of all long-term incentive vehicles.  We work with client to understand the universe of long-term incentive approaches and identify the approach that will work best to support a company’s unique business priorities.

We support companies on their severance benefit policies and their change-in-control benefits for covered executives, to provide reasonable protections for both shareholders and executives.

Stock ownership guidelines encourage alignment of executives and shareholders.  Since SOG practices vary significantly depending on company size, we help clients understand typical market practices and what makes the most sense for their organization.

We support clients on benchmarking of Director compensation relative to similarly-sized companies.  We also provide guidance on design of Director Compensation programs, including cash retainers, meeting fees, Committee Chair retainers, and annual equity awards.

Clients Benefit:

Our standard executive compensation evaluation includes a review of key elements of executive pay, relative to a comparator group of 15-30 publicly-traded companies in a similar industry of similar size.  Our review will provide you with a solid understanding of the competitive market for pay for your CEO, your top three executives, or your top five highest paid executives.  You will understand if you are providing your executives a compensation opportunity that is competitive with similar companies.

We will help you better articulate your key business issues and understand their implications for executive pay, including talent needs, turnover and retention implications, and performance priorities.  We will ensure your compensation programs and incentive plans are aligned with, and effectively supporting your business goals.

We will provide observations and recommendations for consideration, including incentive plan design modifications, red and yellow flags that require attention, and executive pay adjustments that may be warranted.  All driven by your business priorities, but which consider external competitive pay practices.

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