Executive Compensation

Sheffield Barry has over 25 years of collective experience advising Compensation Committees and executive management teams on all issues related to executive compensation, including competitive benchmarking, incentive design (performance measures, goals, and payout calibration), employment contracts, board governance, severance, and all the other issues your shareholders expect you to address.

Our most common services provided to support our clients include the following:


Perfect for companies who want to stay in touch with key executive compensation issues in between bi-annual compensation reviews.


Ideal for smaller companies who need a quick but thorough review of compensation levels and incentive design for top executives.


The “typical” annual executive compensation we complete for smaller and mid-sized companies.


COMING IN 2017.  Stay Tuned.


annual, or $100 monthly





Coming Soon


  • Review of annual incentive plan measures and weighting, and equity incentive design
  • Flexible consulting time: 2 hours of flexible consulting time, for advice on any compensation or HR issues your Company needs to address
  • Includes all "Maintenance", plus:

  • Initial discovery call
  • Definition of Comparator Group
  • Benchmarking of top 3 executives with peer proxy data
  • Identification of Red Flags
  • Summary Report of Findings and Recommendations
  • Presentation and discussion of results (phone or video)
  • Includes all "Basic", plus:

  • Customized Peer Group
  • Peer Proxy and Compensation Survey Data
  • Review of Incentive Plan performance goals
  • Analysis of realized pay
  • Review of incentive plan characteristics
  • + 6 additional hours of flexible consulting time
  • Includes all “Standard”, plus:

  • So much more...
  • Why are you posting your pricing?  Doesn’t that put you at a disadvantage to your competitors?

    Yes, by posting our scope of services and pricing, we probably are disadvantaged relative to other HR consulting firms.  However, our business model is based upon providing the most effective data, analysis and advice to our clients as efficiently as possible.  If we can demonstrate our value to clients without having to customize a new proposal for each business development opportunity, then we believe our efficiency can turn this disadvantage into an advantage.

    Try us and tell us what you think.

    Need something different than our standard approaches? Contact us and let's discuss your needs.

    Why Partner with Sheffield Barry?

    Our team has over 25 years of executive compensation consulting experience, with a depth of expertise in all issues related to executive compensation and support of Compensation Committees and executive management teams.

    We have standardized our approach for the most common analyses, so that we can deliver high-quality consulting at reasonable cost: customized and effective advice, delivered efficiently.

    We believe consulting advice should be customized to our clients’ specific business needs and situational environment.  By automating our standard analyses, we are able to spend more time on our clients’ specific issues and customize our advice and recommendations appropriately.