Our Services

Executive Compensation

We have over 20 years of experience advising Compensation Committees and executive management teams on all issues related to executive compensation, including competitive benchmarking, incentive design (including performance measures, goals, and payout calibration), employment contracts, board governance, severance, and everything else your shareholders expect you to address.

Broad-based Employee Pay

We support clients on all aspects of broad-based employee pay issues, including the design of broad-based incentive programs, pay grading, benchmarking and other employee compensation projects.

Benefits and Strategic Rewards

We work with clients to position pay, benefits and career opportunities to optimally align with their unique business strategies, so they can attract, retain and engage their best talent and maximize performance for their stakeholders.

How are we different?

Sheffield Barry has developed a new approach to HR consulting.  As data continues to become commoditized, we have invested heavily in leveraging technology to automate the collection, analysis and insights from these data, so that we can spend more time with our clients, understanding their unique business issues and developing customized solutions to help optimize human capital and maximize business results.

Our clients do not pay for analyst time that can be otherwise automated with technology.  They invest only in the time and resources that add value to their enterprises.  We strive to achieve the optimal balance of effectiveness and efficiency to maximize value for our clients.

Why Partner with Sheffield Barry?

Our team has over 35 years of HR consulting experience, with a depth of expertise in all issues related to executive compensation and support of Compensation Committees and executive management teams.

We have standardized our approach for the most common analyses, so that we can deliver high-quality consulting at reasonable cost: customized and effective advice, delivered efficiently.  See some of our most common approaches for executive compensation support here.

We believe consulting advice should be customized to our clients’ specific business needs and situational environment.  By automating our standard analyses, we are able to spend more time on our clients’ specific issues and customize our advice and recommendations appropriately.

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